Life Raft Services

We are the world leader in safety and survival equipment supply, inspection, testing, and maintenance. We provide a genuinely global service to over 2,000 ports globally through our network of 400+ licensed service stations. 

We have a well-deserved reputation for service and workmanship dependability. Our work is always of the greatest quality, and our technical skill is constantly improved with new equipment, facilities, and training.

Key Features

  • Strategically placed service stations guarantee that equipment is delivered and collected as quickly as possible.
  • Every three years, our service stations are quality monitored and audited.
  • Our service stations are required to keep a certain number of authorized original spare parts on hand.
  • Only authorized and trained service experts are entitled to work on your liferaft.
  • Every three years, service engineers must attend liferaft servicing refresher training courses.
  • To ensure continuous high service standards, training, audit, and certification records are managed through a worldwide servicing database.

What's Included

All liferafts serviced at our station will be subjected to a thorough check by fully qualified personnel to guarantee they are fit for purpose and will work optimally in an emergency.  Liferafts are serviced in line with the applicable service manual and statutory body standards.  Among the key tasks completed are:

  • Individual components were pulled down and tested as needed. Any items that fail our stringent quality controls will be replaced or repaired.
  • Replacement of any life items to ensure that each item has sufficient life until the next service due date.
  • A working pressure test, as well as any other mandatory tests specified in IMO Resolution A.761 (18).
  • The approved service station will maintain a service report that details how the liferaft worked as well as any general observations.
  • The service report indicated above will be linked to the raft’s unique serial number, allowing full service traceability for all rafts via our computerized database system.
  • Each liferaft comes with a genuine and one-of-a-kind liferaft certificate.

Using an approved Service Station

If you do not use an accredited service center, you run the chance of your life raft failing to perform at a critical moment. Unauthorized service centers will not have access to genuine life raft manufacturer parts; wrong components may end up damaging your liferaft and preventing it from deploying in an emergency; and not all liferaft spare parts are created equal. If you utilize an unapproved service station, it will not only void your warranty and any responsibilities, but it will also put you and your team in grave danger. Additionally, owners risk having their yachts barred from sailing if their life rafts have not been properly serviced and certified by a licensed service station. We recommend taking it to an authorized service station at the earliest